Carpet and Upholstery

When you hire O So Kleen to clean your carpets, you are hiring highly trained and certified professionals in the carpet cleaning field. You can be confident that an experienced, polite, and qualified professional is caring for your valuables and home furniture.

Here at O So Kleen we use hot water extraction to clean your carpets, which is the best you can buy. Hot water extraction kills bacteria, fungus and germs growing in your carpet. It leaves no residue on the carpet and uses less cleaning solution.

No jobs are too big or too small for O So Kleen. Some customers look for cleanliness in the workplace and there is nothing worse than dirty and smelly carpets. We have many clients in the service industry and can clean and deodorize their office areas monthly. We will work at a time that best fits your business.

Our standard service provides:

1.  Pre-Inspection with homeowners to guarantee best results
2.  Power vacuum area to remove 72% of the trapped dirt
3.  Pre-spot and pre-spray area to emulsify and suspend dirt
4.  Agitate area to provide deep cleaning
5.  Steam extraction area providing a final cleaning rinse
6.  Brush and groom carpet for a professional appearance
7.  After the billing and service is complete, we follow up to see if 
our service was done adequately and to your satisfaction.